Thursday, 27 October 2011

Banners - The shopping trolley image!

Work in Progress! Colour flats for our new banner. Still needs a shading pass and correction and a tartan skirt but you get the idea. The original banner has our Born To Skate helmet image (seen on the hub) Please see previous post or just look below this one!

Banners - Born to Skate!

The original banner. Born To Skate!

Friday, 21 October 2011

Roller Grrrls on picnic!

A small captured moment. Cora and Emma have a picnic with Charlie.

Nadja. Our Russian Foreign exchange student!

Nadja. Our foreign exchange student from Russia. Helps to translate between Cora and Beta (our respective German and Italian girls on the team) We won't be supplying subtitles. You'll just have to go with the overly frantic hand gestures and face pulling of the girls to understand! ;)

Monday, 17 October 2011


Three of our referees. Just don't even think of fouling! These girls are fair but tough. Consider your ass in the Sin Bin if you even look at them the wrong way!

MCs_The Dynamic Duo!

Our Merchant City Roller Derby two MCs. Any similarity between persons living, dead, undead, pure dead brilliant or gallus is entirely coincidental, your honor.

Eerie Erin_Jammer

Another character piece. The calm before the storm. Eerie Erin is the main jammer; a fast, aggressive and downright hardcore player. Make sure you have your gum shield in place when she's making her way through the pack.

Friday, 14 October 2011

En Vacances - Airport (possibly CDG)

The Roller Grrrls continue their tour and arrive by plane in CDG (or another airport if legal issues pursue!) Passport Control offers a wonderful opportunity for some fun with authority. Watch out for the tasers though!

The LIDL Incident.

The Roller Grrrls go on tour in Europe. Midway through the Italian leg of the journey, the girls' VW camper van gets robbed and they lose their month's beer allowance (a lot of cans) In desperation they find a local LIDL and do a small raid on the liquor shelves.

Imagine The Italian Job with shopping trolleys instead of Minis and crates of beer instead of gold bars! And, yes... we will work in the famous 'Bloody doors off!' line somehow.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Cover - Pencils.

After the previous post interest (sketches) I decided to put up some of the pencil versions of the covers here. These are raw scans and will be tweaked to correct proportions, skew and other details.

The cover designs hint at troubles ahead for some of the Roller Grrrls but also includes more upbeat adventures too.

Comments welcome.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Cover sketches.

I have posted up a selection of cover sketches on the Facebook site here.

Normally these are done very fast with biro, marker or grey brushpen. The best plan is to get the ideas down on the page as quickly as possible and then work them up later (adding details and other elements where appropriate) or photo referencing. The shopping trip and VW campervan holiday are going to be favourites but need to recce first.