Saturday, 18 January 2014

Character design: Black Swann #283 South Side Sirens

Character sketch: Jacqueline #23 West End Grrrls.

Miscellaneous sketches.

2013 Year in Review.

Lt. Damn #4T2 New Wheeled Order commission.

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Cedar Rapids Roller Derby commission.

Commissions are available.

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Roller Derby commissions.

South Side Sirens character designs.

West End Grrrls character designs.

Roller Grrrls layouts!

 Roller Grrrls layouts [work in progress]
Here are a selection of layouts from the forthcoming issue zero. Still working out ideas on format and storytelling, and how best to show the sport as best we can while also introducing ALL the characters [three teams worth] Finding a balance between creating dynamic interesting characters and showing the reality of the sport is tricky but we really think we have found our mark.

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Roller Grrrls on tour!

Anne Thrax: 2500 Facebook LIKES competition winner!

Roller Grrrls trailer. Script by Anne Thrax, #999 The Gallow Lasses, Dunedin Derby, NZ.

West End Grrrls team line-up.

West End Grrrls [pencils] Anna, Snow and the rest of the team on a night out. South Side Sirens to follow.

South Side Sirens team line-up.

South Side Sirens [sketch] Vanessa, Kiki and the girls posing similar to a failed Elastic cover.

Cover sketch!

Roller Grrrls. Cover pencils. Still needs a wee bit more work. More dynamic pose. Worried that cropping close in towards the Jammers will lose the context of the skates. Decisions!

No Mercy.

Roller Grrrls character trailer. Maureen.

Roller Grrrls. The Professor 273°K