Friday, 19 August 2011

Team line-up -part two.

Team line-up - part one.




Anna. Team captain. Kinda Tom Berenger in Platoon. Hard but fair. Actually, no. She's Willem Dafoe.


2nd on team. Fiery temperament and always at logger heads with Anna (captain) Watch the sparks fly on and off the track! A secret past will be revealed. Yes, it's Eastenders on Wheels!


Teal is an Indian student working at the local university. Looking for a challenge and excitement in her life she joins the Roller Grrrls team. She proves to be one of the fastest girls on the track!

Roller Grrrls - First sketches.

Here are a tentative selection of sketches for the characters in Roller Grrrls. The look and inspiration is pure Rollerball. Love that movie. Yes, the numbers are on the front of their shirts (instead of the team logo) but that is a nod to James Cann's Houston team. Need to work up a good design for the home team and then their roller derby names. That;s going to be tough! ;)

Finding a derby name is difficult for most players but to come up with at least ten is going to be a nightmare! Wish me luck?

Special thanks to industry veteran (tee hee!) Gary Erskine for offering the first two images. Another roller derby fan and sometimes colleague/storyboader for the games industry with me. Appreciate the character pics. His Facebook Fanpage can be seen here.

Corporate shenanigans.

Roller derby needs sponsorship. Wouldn't it be great if large corporations like Nike and Coca Cola helped out the sport? What would their campaigns be like, I wonder?

Badges and T-shirt designs.

We've got designs on the merchandise! ;)

Just working up some ideas for badges and T-shirts featuring the Roller Grrrls logo and other derby related stuff. Pop culture references are always fun and we hope to get more soon. Let us know which ones you like? Ideas welcome.

OBVIOUSLY the RG, Nike and Adidas designs will never happen but they are fun logos to play with.