Friday, 19 August 2011

Roller Grrrls - First sketches.

Here are a tentative selection of sketches for the characters in Roller Grrrls. The look and inspiration is pure Rollerball. Love that movie. Yes, the numbers are on the front of their shirts (instead of the team logo) but that is a nod to James Cann's Houston team. Need to work up a good design for the home team and then their roller derby names. That;s going to be tough! ;)

Finding a derby name is difficult for most players but to come up with at least ten is going to be a nightmare! Wish me luck?

Special thanks to industry veteran (tee hee!) Gary Erskine for offering the first two images. Another roller derby fan and sometimes colleague/storyboader for the games industry with me. Appreciate the character pics. His Facebook Fanpage can be seen here.

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