Thursday, 9 February 2012

Roller Grrrls - Fan Art!

It's official! Roller Grrrls has the BEST DERBY FANS EVER! Many thanks to Marie Roz Maquerelle (Vermine Granger) for this wonderful tribute to our Caught Out Late At Night cover!

Please check out her wonderful photography at


  1. The Facebook Fan Art album will be for our collection of Roller Grrrls (or derby) inspired artwork and photography from you... our fans. Visit us at Facebook or hub.

    To be included, please submit an image 1000px height max to and remember to include your name and any links you wish to promote (Deviant Art/Blogger/Tumblr/etc.)

    Looking forward to your submissions. A surprise gift will be awarded to any pictures or photos that make us smile/laugh/cheer!

  2. Marie also knows how to hold a child and baby properly! ;)