Thursday, 15 March 2012

Inglorious Roller Derby!

An alternate colour version of our illustration for Inside Line magazine that has more than a passing nod to Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds! RGs supplied illustrations for Belinda Johnson's article covering roller derby injuries. Get well soon, Belinda!

Lineart by Anna Malday, original colour by Yel Zamor.

Read the article and buy a copy (or subscribe) at


  1. I love the look of these illustrations they make me think of Jamie Hewlett and Tank Gril! i can't wait for the comic to come out.
    Love this one the best as i broke my leg playing roller derby at a mean valley roller girls practice... week 6 surgery tomorrow... i want my skates back on!!

  2. Thanks, Alex! You may well prove to be our first comment on the Roller Grrrls blog! Tumblr is proving more receptive to our audience and feedback is pretty good. Facebook is still the best forum for us though! ;)

    Love your work too. We have a fan art page on Facebook. Maybe you would like to contribute? We could cross promote?

    Anyways. Thanks again!